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GM Notes Board Meeting 6-26-19

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jun 27, 2019.

  • by Patricia Harman, Jun 27, 2019 at 7:28 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    BOARD Meeting
    June 26, 2019 – 7:00 p.m.
    GM Notes

    Open 30 – 4 speakers
    Legislative – BoCS Jack Cavalier spoke about Paul Milde’s primary win and the Town Center
    GM Report – Community events, hot topics, showcase home of the month
    Front Gate Arm (V) – Passed
    Nominating Committee Appt & Procedures – Passed
    Recycle Rebate Policy Update – Passed
    50th Anniversary Aesthetic Lighting Proposal – Passed
    Reinstatement of Stables Committee – Failed
    Facelift for Front Gate – Passed
    Replacement of 3 Country Club Windows overlooking 9th hole – Passed

    Gm Notes / Details:

    Open 30
    – 4 Speakers. 1) Argument for why the Stables Committee should be reinstated. 2) Complaints about the police department, RFID, the cost of decals, the arm gates, Board Members no longer accepting certified mail from a habitually litigious resident, a contract issue and treasurer/financial issues. 3) Argument for why the Stables Committee shouldn’t be reinstated. 4) The Board was lectured on fiduciary responsibility, covenants, the resident’s decreased home value and a new projects fund for playgrounds with which the resident disapproves.

    – BoCS Jack Cavalier congratulated Mr. Paul Milde, who was in attendance, on winning the primary and encouraged support for his campaign for the 28th District. On the Aquia Town Center Mr. Cavalier reported that a new contract (that he expects to be signed Tue) will limit Mosaic’s tax incentives to 3 years by which time they will have to have occupancy of at least 15k SF of the Town Center and will have to fully clean up the site before Labor Day. He believes that the closing of Rite Aid will present some new opportunities for anchor stores as the sole pharmacy hold Rite Aid held will now no longer be an issue.

    Directors Comments –
    Best wishes to Director Joe Hoyt who has been transferred by way of his job to Alabama, he leaves directly, support for the Stables Committee, addressed a few complaints made in the open 30, asked for volunteers for July 4th, congrats to Mr. Milde, wants a DQ at the Town Center, does not support the stables committee, resignation from the nominating committee so he can participate in upcoming Board election, thanks to Congressman Whitman for attending a local meet and greet and reminded Mr. Milde we need dredging funds.

    Treasurer Report
    - $4,728,000 on deposit. Several big expenditures in April including: second incoming lane, fireworks, insurance. All expenditures funded/anticipated/budgeted.

    GM Report

    Community events – GM praised the Chief and the Police Department for Hidden in Plain Sight and Cops & Bobbers and the Yacht Club for Marina Fest.

    Congratulations to the Kopecky Family at 2018 Stateroom who were selected as the Showcase House of the month.

    July 4th Event – The Chief spoke on the logistics and the GM said the flyer is already post at aquiaharbour.org and will be sent out with the GM notes and again next week.

    Community Pot Luck – Thank you Aquia Evening Lions for providing the primary staples for this meal. New residents are invited to come and dine, existing residents please bring a side, dessert or main course to share with our new neighbors. Harbour Inn 3-6 July 14th. Directors will be in attendance for questions and the Events Committee will pick up the action with a pool/karaoke party following the meal.

    Hot Topics include – Creek bank erosion, mitigation recommendations were sent to creek front homes; chronic CVO violators, mostly related to lawn maintenance; road prep for paving which is scheduled for September; law suits against the AHPOA of which there are zero.


    Front Gate Arm (V)
    – Passed. This has been the culmination of 2.5 years of planning, waiting for the second lane etc. Like the back gate, the resident lane will have an ARM activated by RFID. If all cars in line have an RFID – the ARM stays up. While the original plan was for it to be used only at night to allow residents access during the night time (when we usually close the resident lane with cones), now it will also be methodically deployed during the daytime to break some bad habits of gate runners. If your RFID has NOT been turning the light green – the arm will not open for you. If it is hit or miss, it probably will open because hit or miss usually relates to your speed or position in the lane and the arm will be more a more focused operation. We won’t know how this is going to go until we try it so let’s try it. We are committed to enhancing security, increasing dues compliance, avoiding back-ups and assisting residents whose decals are not working properly. Remember your decal can also be turned off by the office – if you are dues non-compliant or are a renter whose lease has expired or you’ve moved – your decal gets turned off. Your patience will be needed and appreciated as we navigate the installation and implementation of this new system. We’ll begin as soon as possible.

    Nominating Committee
    Appt & Procedures – Passed A new appointment was made to the nominating committee – Director Greene and the nominating committee procedures were approved.

    Recycle Rebate Policy Update
    – Passed The Recycle Fund policy was based on the amount of incoming funds and since there is no longer a recycle rebate, but still a balance ($48,000) the policy had to be modified.

    50th Anniversary Aesthetic Lighting Proposal
    – Passed The Beautification Committee requested Recycle Funds to add some aesthetic light to Schnopp Park, the Aquia foot bridge, Country Club parking lot.

    Reinstatement of Stables Committee
    – Failed.

    Facelift for Front Gate
    – Passed The front gate is our first impression and its not a good one. The real estate agents we talked to mentioned it and we of course already knew that the building is ready for replacement but until we can plan, design and implement a new plan for the Gate, we need to perk it up a little; some paint, some concrete work, gutters, lights etc.

    Replacement of 3 Country Club Windows overlooking 9th hole
    – Passed These windows are fogged and look awful. They have needed replacing for some time.

    Meeting adjourned to Exec Session at 7:58p

    A message from the President
    Good Afternoon Fellow Residents!

    I hope everyone's summer is in full swing fun mode. I just got back from two weeks of Marine Corps Reserve Training in beautiful and sunny 29 Palms California where the average daytime high this time of year is 105!

    While I was gone a few issues popped up in our community that I would like to address.

    1: Speed Cameras. We have not decided to install speed cameras, we have not even considered speed cameras in any way yet. A resident made a suggestion to the GM, and because we have an excellent GM, she said she would look into it, and she will. Our GM takes great pains to ensure residents feel heard in our community and part of that means 'looking into it' when we get a suggestion that isn't on its face terrible. The GM will look into it, she will make a presentation and a recommendation to the board at some point. But, my fellow residents, please rest assured that we would not hastily careen down this path without serious deliberation and debate, we would want to (the GM has already has) to hear from many residents on this issue. Safety is always a top concern with this board, and we would never institute a measure or policy for the purpose of just making money.

    2. You need to pay your dues. We all do. If someone says there is a court case against the Harbour ask them for a docket number and a court date and if they cant provide one it is probably because there is no case. There is a resident who over the past year or so has repeatedly made the claim in court that we are not a properly formed HOA and those suits have been dismissed every time, and the judgement of the Stafford County Court has consistently been that resident's claim is without merit.
    We pay a lot in dues, I get it. I am of the opinion that we get a lot in return for our money though. Our dues pays for the maintenance and upkeep of our common spaces, has allowed us to upgrade our playgrounds, fix our roads, maintain what I think is the most efficient and effective police department in the entire state and so much more. The GM probably has given you her personal cell phone number and she will answer a call from a resident day or night, because she cares about our home. The police chief probably knows you and your whole family. Tell me where else in VA you get that kind of care and dedication from public servants? Katherine, the board secretary, remembers every significant event in the Harbour for the last 20 years and can help answer any question about your property. Your board has 7 members who love this community and are actively engaged in keeping our home amazing and improving it where possible. Don't believe me? Come see us in action, my fellow board members are diligent, thoughtful, and respectful of each other and the residents.

    There is a lot of noise on FB, some people like to start fires and throw gasoline on them. If you have a question about how your board or your staff is managing things don't turn to FB for the answer, come to us. We will tell you what is going on and what we think. Thank you to all the residents who do pick up the phone or send an email. We remain humbly yours.

    Alexis Harvey, AHPOA Board President
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Jun 27, 2019.

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