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GM Notes Work Session 11-29-17

Discussion in 'GM Report' started by Patricia Harman, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes
    November 29, 2017

    GM Report

    The new benches are in at Briarpatch Park and look great.

    Access to Business Records of Aquia Harbour – A review of the mandates under 13.1-801 The Non-Stock Corporation Act regarding the release of records. The Board reviewed the form that the Business Office intends to use to insure compliance and consistency.

    Update on the Budget Process – The Finance Committee is on the downhill side with two scheduled meetings left. It has been a productive and positive process with some hard decisions being left for the end. Next meetings 12/4 and 12/11 at the Business Office conference room 6:30p.

    Update on ATC/Mosaic – Regular updates from Mosaic to the GM indicate they are still actively working to secure an anchor and restart construction. We asked again that the construction signs be removed, that they address the left turn problem from ATC to Washington Drive and the need for evergreen shrubs to screen the area between Washington and the ATC.

    Update on RFID Front/Back – Readers are at reading at 98%. The reader direction has been adjusted and the sensor loop is in the ground. The inside buzzer is being installed this week and after a week of “buzzer testing” the red light will be next. The permit process is underway with VDOT for the back gate and we expect to hear back sometime in December. We continue to ask residents to keep back gate chatter off of social media as it agitates our Widewater neighbors and complicates the process for us and for VDOT. The permit is for a 30-day period of data collection. Residents can sign up for back gate notifications at https://signup.ymlp.com/xgejjwqygmguu.

    Health Care Resolution Draft – A proposal to address many different approaches to keeping our health care cost under control to include graduated coverage, a reduction in the amount covered by the HOA over time, an opt out program and an evaluation on a new broker.

    Insurance Summary – All policies are under review to make sure we have the right amount of coverage for the best price policy. The various policies were presented to the Board.


    5-Year-Strategic Plan Town Hall – Following the Town Hall and resident input on 11/30 the Strategic Planning Committee will meet on Tues 12/12 at 5pm at the Business Office with the intent of finalizing this document for a Board Vote in January or February. The document has no financial component/pledge and there was discussion about scheduling an annual review.

    Paving – A request was made for an after-action report that will be presented in January and created from the daily logs.

    Committee Appointments – There are still a few outstanding committee appointments. (V)

    2018 Calendar (V) – The Board will be voting to adopt a 2018 Board Meeting Calendar.

    The Stables Committee was discussed.

    The dredging savings resolution was discussed and a vote is expected regarding the funding of the dredging account. (V)

    Upcoming Dates of Interest…

    11/30 TONIGHT 7pm Harbour Inn – Strategic 5-Year-Plan Town Hall

    11/30 TONIGHT 8:30pm Redskins will beat the Cowboys

    12/3 Children’s Christmas Party AHWC Harbour Inn 3-5p Sun

    12/4 Finance Committee Meeting Business Office Conf Room 6:30p

    12/6 Board Meeting 7pm Country Club Wed

    12/9 Holiday Market w/petting zoo Harbour Inn 9a-2p Saturday

    12/9 Tree Lighting & Caroling Business Office 630p-830p Saturday

    12/11 Finance Committee Meeting Business Office Conf Room 6:30p

    12/24 Motorcycle Santa and his elves will ride.

    12/25 Mon Trash pick up moved to Tue & Wed. Merry Christmas!

    JAN 2018 Quarterly dues due and draft budget will be released for review by residents

    Are we loving this weather or what???!!!!

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