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GM Notes - Work Session 4/17/19

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 17, 2019.

  • by Patricia Harman, Apr 17, 2019 at 9:03 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    April 17, 2019 7p – 8:06p

    Community Events Review: Easter Egg Hunt / DMV Select / Yoga / Salsa
    Neighborhood Clean Up – April 27th Dumpsters will be at the Stables Sat 4/27 Sun 4/28
    Front Entrance RFID - PS Committee has a recommendation they would like to present along with Staff’s recommendation to add an arm.

    Pools – Prepool meeting executed. May Harbourview will have all the scoop. Still working on the hours given that school will be back in session Aug 12th.

    Staffing – Staffing has been very low with several of our employees dealing with serious family issues. Remaining employees have been picking up the slack and it has been very much appreciated.

    Front Entrance striping – Estimate expected this week.
    Electronic Voting – Test vote to Board expected soon.
    Lawsuit against the Harbour – Dismissed
    Parks – Handicap ramp added to Briaratch playground, swale being created to address flooding at Briarpatch, special playground mulch has been ordered for all parks, weeds sprayed, stick and brush pick up. Long list of maintenance issues underway.

    Around the Harbour in 80 Seconds:

    Golf Course – Advertising for a greens superintendent (not an additional position, converting an existing positon)

    Police – Began using their new CAD (Computer aided dispatch) system. Cost -0- Grant / Thank you Director Greene.

    Marina – Blessing of the Fleet coming May 5th

    Preschool (V) – 16 year old AC went out just a few days before Spring Break. It has been replaced. Electronic Vote needs to be affirmed.

    Country Club (V) – Update George White’s contract. He’s doing a great job!
    Front Gate – Audio being added to the front gate visitors camera.
    Stables – Barn Newsletter and email distribution designation being implemented to enhance communication with a rapidly growing barn community.

    Harbour Inn – Latin Dance 4/17 tonight (great turn out – thank you!) Texas Hold’m Fri 4/19 7pm. Yoga & exercise classes 5 days a week https://timetr.ee/s/5bfGoa9Nrb98MM2fHl2OeMIksfoFgvh4

    Signs – 50th Anniversary banners ordered. The will go on the lamp posts at front gate.

    • Stafford County Proclamation – Director Holder. Thank you Supervisors Jack Cavalier and Cindi Shelton for commemorating our 50th anniversary.
    • ACC Recommendation (V) – Director Hoyt (on hold but might be ready for meeting next week) One issue involves adding a clarifying disclaimer to ACC form and the other addresses residents who apply for ACC approval AFTER the work has been done rather than before as our covenants stipulate.
    • Personnel Manual Update (V) – Staff 2019 Updates have been sent to the Board and reviewed by our HR consultant. No questions.
    • Real Estate Round Table – Director Hoyt. Will be scheduled for 1 hour before the May 15th work session. A chance for area realators to tell us what we could be doing better to enhance property values.
    • Dredging Report Follow Up (V) – Staff – Options on how to proceed with dredging challenges including engaging Hills at Aquia. Clearing 4 choke points in an interim dredge. Clearing 3 choke points in an interim dredge. Info PDF to those residents who have water front lots and are experiencing extreme erosion because of the rains.
    • Reserve Report – Reviewed. No questions. All Managers have their part of the report.
    • Collections Policy – Requiring ACH for Payment Plans to give residents that are behind a better chance to catch up without incurring late fees. (Many long term delinquencies paid recently – excellent! If you’re behind we can help you too – come talk to us at the office. )
    • Golf Course Rough Mower Replacement Reserves (V) – Staff – Due for replacement next year but has become a safety hazard. 4 recommendations/bids
    • Peace Park Playground (V) – Director Holder – This park was slated for upgrade last year but the hold button was pushed in the interest of financial restraint (the fence safety was upgraded though and is awesome) . Parks would like it revisited for this year. Peace Park is located next to the preschool.
    • 4/17 Salsa Dancing Lesson
    • 4/19 Holiday - Office Closed
    • 4/24 Board Meeting
    • 4/25 Lifeline Harbour Inn
    • 4/27 AH Cleanup Day & Dumpsters
    • 5/5 Blessing of the Fleet Marina
    • 5/8 Annual AHPOA Audit

    Happy Easter All!
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 17, 2019.

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