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  3. July 2020 - No board meetings this month.
  4. July 18 - Aquia Evening Lions Yard Sale at 1013 Potomac Drive from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  5. AHPOA business office closed to walk-in traffic.Drop box available outside office front door. No cash please. Email AHPOA@aquiaharbour.org or call 540-659-3050 for more information.

How is COVID-19 affecting the AHPOA?

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Mar 16, 2020.

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    How is COVID-19 affecting the AHPOA?

    • The Board has cancelled all Board Meetings for March.
    • The Business Office will operate with reduced staffing through Thursday 3/19 and then the office will close and employees will work remotely from Friday 3/20 on. The business of the Association will continue.
    • Calls and emails will be answered remotely.
    • The drop box out front will be collected daily. (No cash please)
    • Appointments will be scheduled for new resident orientation.
    • Billing can be reached at arclerk@aquiaharbour.org 540-699-6682 (Cory)
    GM@aquiaharbour.org 703-407-6106 (GM Harman 24/7)
    • If you want to pay April 1 dues by ACH, please place the completed form and a check for $133 for April in the drop box and you will NOT be charged the $40 Admin Fee. Those already on ACH do not have to fill out another form. The ACH form can be downloaded from the AHPOA's website at https://aquiaharbour.org/policy/form/

    Most of our federal folks are teleworking and schools are closed so like much of America, we have gone into slow motion.

    • Amenity managers are making the call on their amenities in terms of staffing and availability so if you have a question please direct it to the amenity manager.
    Clubhouseaquia@gmail.com 540-288-0091
    • Marina @aquiaharbour.org 540-659-4232
    AHPOA@aquiaharbour.org 540-659-3050
    Golf@aquiaharbour.org 540-659-4478
    Stables@aquiaharbour.org 951-880-7445

    • Public Safety will remain fully staffed though calls to the gate will be routed to a call taker in the police station as the Gate is too small a space for appropriate separation. So there will only be one guard visible at the gate.

    • The Harbour Inn will be closed for events of over 50 people.

    • The Harbour Events Club has cancelled all events including the Glass Fusion event in March, the board game night in April, the Craft Fair April 11th and Basket Bingo April 25th, out of caution because of COVID-19. The club’s monthly meetings for both March and April will take place via teleconference.

    • Riparian Resources Committee Meeting is cancelled.

    • The AH Women’s Club April 5th Easter Egg Hunt is cancelled.

    • A list of volunteers is being collected should we end up in an extended quarantine situation and our older and/or disabled residents need assistance. If you have a need or want to help please email AHPOA@aquiaharbour.org

    • The April 1st Seniors & Singles dinner is cancelled.

    • ACC Meetings will continue to be conducted by phone and email.

    • CVO activity is suspended.

    • No confirmed cases in Aquia Harbour.

    Please remember that this is a temporary situation. The more seriously and concisely we take the advice of the experts, the faster it will be over with the least amount of damage done. Your Aquia Harbour team is still reachable and we will continue to serve you. Public safety will remain at full strength. Please keep a good thought for all public safety and public health workers as they expose themselves and their families to risk in order to treat, serve and help others.
    Please check on any elderly friends and relatives you are fortunate enough to have in your life, by phone and email and make sure their needs are being met and continue to look out for and be kind to each other. This is happening.

    Need to "phone a friend?", we have lots of volunteers ready to provide support. Let us know what you need at AHPOA@aquiaharbour.org

    Patricia Harman, AHGM
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Office, Mar 16, 2020.

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