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Looking for historical documents and/or artifacts

Discussion in 'History of Aquia Harbour' started by The BoD, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. The BoD

    The BoD Guest

    We have formed a small committee to explore the history of Aquia Harbour in anticipation of the 40th anniversary of the birth and formation of our community. It appears that in 1968 the infrastructure was platted and some lots were being sold. A few people are still living in here that came and built homes in the early 70s. Unfortunately, we recently lost 2 of those people, Bill Carpenter and Ken Cundiff, who were some of those early pioneers. We would like to capture some of that history before more of those pioneers pass on.

    Our goal at this time is fourfold:
    1. We would like to have a special dinner event honoring Aquia Harbour founders and early leaders.
    2. We would like to have a display, possibly permanent, of contributed Aquia Harbour artifacts and historic documents.
    3. Our hopes are to publish a book or booklet highlighting significant organizations, people, events, hurdles and successes in sustaining and improving the communitys viability through the years.
    4. Create a contributory interactive resource on this website message board where residents, both current and former, could further contribute to the historical narrative.

    This last goal is where you may be able to help us significantly by monitoring this message board and helping us find facts, documents, and people when we delve into a particular facet of our investigative journey.

    The first thing that I am trying to locate is some copies of an old Windjammer newsletter where the residents were named and numbered according to when they moved into the community. If you have old artifacts and/or documents that might be helpful to our effort, please log into this message board or contact me by phone (540) 720-8847 or e mail to dvd.humphrey@verizon.net I look forward to hearing from you.

    David Humphrey, AHPOA President
  2. Aquia33

    Aquia33 Junior Member

    Aquia freestone was quarried in places other than Government Island. I also believe that the AHPOA lot across from Friendship Park was part of a quarry, I know there is a fair amount of stone there, but am not sure if there are quarried artifacts present. I have many large blocks of Aquia Freestone that were quarried on my property and are scattered on the hill leading to the creek. I have moved one of these (approximately 3;X3;X.5;) and use it as a waterfall feature in a small Koi pond. I am currently attempting to incorporate others into a garden, but as you can imagine moving them can be problematic. I also have take several of the smaller ones and used them as a feature in a cobblestone walkway, this can be seen here: http://web.mac.com/aquia33/iWeb/Becks%20Site/Celtic%20Cobble.html

    I may have some of the original Aquia Harbour sales information somewhere in my house, I will try to find it.

  3. the mayor

    the mayor Administrator

    The pictures of your walkway are quite impressive. Great job. I was aware of some of the aquia freestone on this side of the creek but I did not know that pieces were scattered about in your back yard. Im sure they are heavy. I have been going thru some Windjammers from 1976 to 1981 that the McCoys left behind when they moved. They are pretty interesting and do document some of the things that happened during that time. Some reference is made to a quarterly newsletter issued by the POA back then. It appears that the Windjammer was a publication of the Civic Association and there seemed to be some contention between the Civic Association and the POA. Any of the sales info that you find would be of interest to us. We have a committee of about 10 people that have lived here for a long time (Im the exception with only 6 years) We are constructing a framework to work from and will then be contacting folks to do some oral histories. If you had documents that we could photocopy, it would be a welcome addition. We will be posting our progress in this space for people to add to and comment on.
  4. Aquia33

    Aquia33 Junior Member

    I have several copies of a 51/2 X7 document (sort of a pumpkin color) titled Aquia Harbour Historically Speaking, it was printed in March 1974. Contains some color photographs of the old Country Club & Yacht Club (as it was originally called) with residents at the time ( I believe Sue Wahlquist is playing tennis in one picture and a 74/75 MGB coming in the old gatehouse). I will drop them off at the POA office if you do not have a copy.
  5. the mayor

    the mayor Administrator

    George, thanks, that would be great. I usually stop by the business almost every day. :thumbsup:
  6. Odie

    Odie New Member

    As a way of introduction my name is Michael Ogden and I was the founder and first coach of the Aquia Harbour Dolphins (as a young in sixteen year old in 1974). My family lived in Aquia from 1973 until 1986. I will check with my father to see if he has any Aquia related material.
  7. the mayor

    the mayor Administrator


    Michael, thanks for your response for AH artifacts. We had a committee working on compiling a history of Aquia Harbour but it sort of went dormant for a while and we got busy with other things. I have recently been thinking about re - activating that effort and some new artifacts might help spark the interest in others. I appreciate your willingness to dig for those treasures. I believe that the Aquia Harbour Dolphins swim team is the oldest and longest running club in the community. Im sure there would be an interest in seeing artifacts from the early days. You can send me a PM (private message) on this forum if you are successful. Thanks again.

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