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More on Aquia History

Discussion in 'History of Aquia Harbour' started by djsullivan, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. djsullivan

    djsullivan New Member


    Just read over your info on ;New Homes; history. Im intrigued by the topic as we just recently contracted to purchase 123 Mast Cove (built in 1975). How can I learn more about New Home history in the Harbour? Specifically, any idea how I can find out who our builder was? More about this homes history?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dan & Emily Sullivan
  2. Greg

    Greg Administrator

    Hi Dan and Emily,

    The Mayor was/is running that project and he would probably be the best place to start for any additional information, if there is any. He is a regular here, so I am sure he will respond to your post. Thanks.

  3. the mayor

    the mayor Administrator

    Dan & Emily, :)
    Im not sure that I can get the information that you requested but I can give it a try. However, I first need to know the specific address since the one that you provided has some inconsistencies.
    You see the house that you reference at 123 Mast Cove is in section two of the three sections in Aquia Harbour. This gives me an opportunity to inform others of the numbering system here in Aquia Harbour that some may not be aware of.
    All of the homes in section one begin with the number one, the homes in section two begin with the number two and the homes in section three begin with the number three. All of the streets that are Drives have a four digit number and all of the cul de sacs that are called Coves have three digit numbers. Now we know that Mast Cove is a cul de sac and it is in section two so it should have a three digit number that begins with a two. Hence, 123 Mast Cove does not exist. If you send me a PM (private message) and include your e mail address and the correct house number, I may be able to look at the lot file and determine who built that house.
    Thanks for the opportunity to explain to other newcomers how the numbering system works. Perhaps that will help others better find their way around in here. A street map is also available on the website. Click on the blue button Printable Phone List and Map and you will find Mast Cove in the upper right quadrant in the second section. Welcome to our community. Its a great place to live. :thumbsup:
  4. El Cheapo

    El Cheapo New Member

    The correct address is 213 Mast Cove. Thats Tom & Bonnie Barys house. Theyre the original owners and I believe Tom built the house himself.

    Welcome to the neighborhood, Dan & Emily.
  5. Aquia33

    Aquia33 Junior Member


    Thanks for the tutorial on AH roads. I knew about the section/house number association, but I did not realize we only had Drives and Coves :crazy:, I guess I never really looked at the map long enough for that to sink in!!

    But, now that I have looked - I notice we have two Section 1 - Aquia Drives that do not connect. Is there a story behind this? (I am sure we dont have duplicate 1XXX addresses)

    Sign me - too much time on my hands.

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