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Traditional Aquia vs Current Aquia question

Discussion in 'History of Aquia Harbour' started by Stewey, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Stewey

    Stewey New Member

    Hello- Ive up in the hinterlands of section 3 (on Titanic near the emergency gate) and have lived here almost a year. Im loving the area and the history is so extremely fascinating. One particular item that Im interested in is what Im terming the traditional vs current boundaries of Aquia and surrounding areas. Ive been looking at maps at the Library of Congress and trying to reconcile the roads and houses that I see (going back to the Civil War and earlier) with what is on current maps, and other than Route 1 it seems very little of the early roads still exist. When traveling on Decatur Street which runs along the ridge behind to the east of Aquia Harbour through what is now called Aquia Overlook housing track you can see spread out along this road a string of abondonded and/or destroyed homes. All of these homes are skeletal with a couple having small graveyards with dates as far back as the late 1700s. To get to Decatur Rd today requires an extremely long ride even in a vehicle from Rt 1 to Route 611 (Widewater Rd). It is hard to imagine early pioneers doing that drive or ride. Im assuming (and the old maps seem to back this up) that roads connecting Decatur Rd (as well as the entire Richland Peninsula) used to run east/west through what is now Aquia Harbor and/or areas near what is Shirley Heim Middle School making the ride into town much quicker. If I had to guess I would bet that Harpoon Dr used to connect to Decatur or to Flippo Road and or Norman Rd (which is connected to Decatur used to connect to Titanic. Would anyone know if that is in fact true?

    Besides the many homes that are empty and obvious on Decatur near the Potomac Mills Winery there are abandoned houses just outside of Harpoon and Titanic in the woods, a house at the end of Indian View, another on Norman etc. There is also an indication that a ferry (called Cooks Ferry) existed near where Arkendale Road meets Widewater Rd- connecting Aquia with Maryland. The road from Aquia to this ferry seems to have gone through country where no road currently exists.

    Any additional info on this would be appreciated

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