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Work Session GM Notes 4-15-20

Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 15, 2020.

  • by Patricia Harman, Apr 15, 2020 at 9:58 PM
  • Patricia Harman

    Patricia Harman General Manager

    GM Notes
    Electronic Work Session

    We had 5 Board members, 3 staff members, 1 consultant and 9 residents online.

    PHOTO’s – Storm pics, George White in his Easter get up lol, Easter Bunny at the PD.


    BUSINESS OFFICE – The office continues to work remotely and is providing ALL services with the exception of RFID decals.

    PUBLIC SAFETY – Public Safety staff remains at a 100%. CVO is helping to cover Gate shifts as needed as CVO duties have been suspended.

    GOLF COURSE – The golf course is open Friday through Monday weekly. Tee times and payments

    accepted by phone at 540-659-4478. Carts have been cleaned and disinfected and will be cleaned

    between uses. The Pro Shop remains closed. Social distancing will be a requirement.

    BARN – 14 horses. The barn is closed to everyone except tenants and staff. We are down to one AHPOA Horse and two leases.

    PLAYGROUNDS – Playgrounds and basketball courts are closed. Parks, including the dog park, trails and

    tennis courts are open. Social distancing required. Minor vandalism.

    RFID – Program suspended until we get through this but the FIX IT PROGRAM yielded excellent results.

    Marina – The Marina is open – use launch ramp at will. The Marina Office is open on Saturday

    and Sunday. One person at a time in the ship store.

    Employee Compensation- All regular employees FT & PT are receiving paychecks. 75% of

    Our workforce is either actively working home or working a modified schedule on site or is

    deemed essential. High risk employees have been given full discretion regarding on site hours.

    Road & Grounds - Road and Grounds are as needed.

    Maintenance – Maintenance is working as needed.

    Supplies – Only thing we were running out of was hand sanitizer and the Chief had a hook up

    and was able to secure several gallons.

    Leave Use – Extended to May.

    Residents - Residents are doing an amazing job. Neighbors looking out for and checking on each other, especially elderly neighbors; Reading and responding to HOA communication; Helping during the recent severe storms; Sharing resources and laughs; Participating in and donating to the food pantry at the Harbour Inn; A Memorial Day Decorating Contest sponsored by Atlantic Region Properties & HEC; Window Easter Egg and Teddy Bear Hunts; Annual dues payments on track – same as this time last year; Food and treats for the PD & the Gate staff; Cash donations through the HEC for neighbors in need. This community is always at its best in a crisis and says so much about all of you. Thank you all so much for your support of our staff, especially our public safety and essential personnel. Whether this situation lasts weeks or months, this community is equal to the task.

    Hazardous Duty Pay Proposal (V) GM is recommending hazardous duty pay for public safety officer during the pandemic.

    COVID-19 RELIEF PROGRAM Recommendation (V)

    Late fees and interest incurred after April 1, 2020, will be held in abeyance for up to 45 days after the COVID-19 Shelter in Place period ends. If dues are brought current within 45 days after the end of the COVID-19 Shelter in Place period, the late fees and interest will be waived.

    For property owners who have tenants who have been affected by COVID-19, please provide a copy of the tenant’s COVID-19 document as stated in Item 2 below in order to participate in the COVID-19 Relief Program.

    In order to qualify for the COVID-19 program:

    You must be current on your dues/payment plan as of March 1, 2020.

    You will need to provide any one (1) of the following documents as proof that you have been affected by

    Pay stub from last 30 days so we can verify either your change of status, as designated by your employer, or that you work or have worked for a business that has been significantly impacted by COVID-19

    Documentation of Unemployment Benefits from March 15, 2020, or later indicating you were furloughed, terminated or your pay was significantly impacted by COVID-19

    Property Owner must sign the “COVID-19 Relief Program Agreement” below.

    WEBSITE (V) Directors wanted to talk with our IT consultant before choosing from one of three proposals. Questions were asked and answered and Directors are ready to vote at next week’s meeting.

    JULY 4th – For now all July 4th activities are on hold. If social distancing is relaxed, at a minimum our fireworks happen. If not, the contractor has agreed to push them to another date/event (National Night Out, Oktoberfest, or a reconnection celebration when this is over).

    ZOMBIE HOUSES – The Board discussed houses that are not occupied that do not do a good job of keeping up their property especially lawn cutting. In one particular case; LCC, maxed out fines, requested help from Stafford FD and zoning, property lien, negotiation by the Board with the owner, HOA making repairs and finally filing a nuisance law suit when the courts reopen. Its seems like we should be able to do more, but this is it and its very frustrating.

    RENTING portions of a house – The Board discussed if owner occupied rentals were permissible. The Board voted in 2002 that this was not a violation of covenants and that any complaints would be forwarded to Zoning. To date zoning has maintained that if the owner occupies the property they are allowed to rent to multiple tenants provided no more than 5 unrelated people live in the home. GM will follow up again with zoning when they reopen.

    GOLF COURSE – The golf course is asking to replace two mowers and a Workman dump cart. One mower and the Workman have been on the books for months for replacement but Directors asked for more information on the 2nd mower before the Board Meeting (V)

    The Electronic aspect of the meeting was a learning curve but I think it went pretty well! Thanks to all who attended. You will remain on the invite list for all future meetings. Anyone else wishing to be added to the list please send an email to gm@aquiaharbour.org and include your address and lot number.

    Sleep well Harbour. I miss you guys.

    Patricia Harman, AHGM
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Discussion in 'Business Office' started by Patricia Harman, Apr 15, 2020.

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